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Learn the Fundamentals of Instructional Design Well & Fully

We offer individuals and companies a complete introduction to instructional design based on the ADDIE model and the Dick, Carey, & Carey textbook. If you want to learn the fundamentals of instructional design well and thoroughly, this is the place. Learn instructional design using the same approach and materials as we use in teaching our own students at the University of Georgia.

Learn Instructional Design Online in an Award Winning Course

Our course has twice won the Outstanding Practice Award from the Division of Instructional Development, Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT).

The first award is for the Instructional Design Activities, or IDAs, of the course. IDAs are a set of activities that introduce you to the main phases of instructional design using a "learning by doing" approach. You are paired with a "design buddy." You and your buddy give each other feedback, followed by feedback by an expert instructor. Your responses to each of these IDAs become the starting point for an instructional design project due by the end of the course.

The second award is for an online game, called "In Search of Lost Wisdom," where you learn about task analysis, one of the most important tools in the instructional designer's toolbox. In this game, you take on the role of an archaeologist in the year 4032 who discovers ruins containing examples of everyday tasks from the 21st century. If you can decipher the codes, you might learn something about how these "ancient" people lived. You and your classmates also take on the double role as "writers of lost wisdom". Learning about task analysis has never been more compelling.

This course was also featured in AECT's 2008 Design & Development Showcase as an example of an outstanding instructional product.

Participants who complete the course can earn one of three instructional design certificates:

Since 2003, a total of 717 people have successfully learned instructional design online using our approach.

Instructional Design Workshop - Get Up and Running with Instructional Design Quickly

Don't have time to take a full course? Consider taking our 15-hour instructional design workshop instead. Based on the same quality asynchronous materials used in the full course, this workshop gives participants a fast and manageable way to quickly gain familiarity with the entire instructional design process. Participants can then choose to focus on learning one instructional design component in more detail, such as needs assessment, task analysis, course design, lesson design, or evaluation. This economic and time-efficient alternative to the full course is a perfect way to get started as an instructional designer. Participants also are given full access to all of the full course materials for an additional 30 days for self-study and reference. An online instructor will also be available to facilitate the learning of workshop participants, giving feedback to the activities and answering all questions. For further convenience, this workshop can begin at any time. All workshop activities and resources are also asynchronous, just like the full course, so you set the schedule. Participants who complete the workshop will receive an Instructional Design Workshop certificate.


Education is a serious business, but it need not be grim." Dean Corrigan

We know our stuff, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our online course is sprinkled with humor and lessons learned from the "school of hard knocks." We also understand that the best instructional designers combine an expert knowledge of the principles of instructional design with their own "magic." Once you learn the fundamentals of instructional design well you can unleash your own creativity when designing courses, units, and lessons for your school or company. In fact, quality instructional design depends on it.

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